Texas-HoldemPoker has been a favorite card game for adults for decades. It’s challenge and excitement is always alluring. Whether played professionally or socially, a poker party is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Poker is the perfect game when planning an evening with friends.

If you are thinking of planning a get together with loved ones that is different than the usual summer events, then a night of Poker is just the right event to organize. It’s a fun and popular game that is enjoyed by most adults.  For  busy parents, it’s a great opportunity to get out and spend quality time with other adults. But before you grab your deck of cards and send out the invites, contact us at Casino Party Experts first for all of your poker needs.

At Casino Party Experts, we have everything you need to organize an exciting poker night in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to plan a relaxing evening at the card tables or high stakes poker tournament, we will help you with all of your organizational needs. With Casino Party Experts, you don’t need to go to a loud and crowded casino to play Poker, we’ll bring the casino right to your home or event location. Give us a call at (317) 857-0168 for an estimate for your casino party rentals.

Our poker tables are state-of-the-art professional tables that come with the cards and chips for an authentic poker game. We have dealers that come with the tables to help run your exciting high stakes game.

One of the most popular poker games in the casinos is Texas Hold ‘Em. This exciting game will keep everyone’s adrenaline running high all night. But we also have other poker game tables as well including our standard poker table and Quick Seven and Let It Ride tables. You choose your favorite game and we’ll do the rest by bringing the poker table, cards, chips and dealer to your event.

Adding to your Poker party, our Blackjack, Craps and Roulette tables will help entertain the crowds when they aren’t playing Poker. All of our tables are designed with the highest quality gaming standards and are equivalent to the tables seen in a real casino. Our card dealers are trained professionals who know everything there is to know about the card games and running tournaments. They will be more than happy or explain the rules and regulations of each game to your guests so that everyone knows how to play and can enjoy the game.

If you are planning to host a Poker party, why not go all out by hosting a truly spectacular event? Ask friends to dress semi-formal, serve delicious appetizers and drinks to really set the tone for an exciting night. When it comes to planning poker parties, there are many ways you can host a party. Whether it’s a formal affair or a more casual evening of poker, beer and pizza, your friends will have a spectacular time.

For a change of pace from the usual summer gatherings of backyard barbecues or beach picnics, invite your friends over for a spectacular evening of Poker. This long standing favorite card game is guaranteed to thrill your friends when they come over for an adults only event. At Casino Party Experts, we’ll help you organize your exciting Poker game night. To get an estimate for your casino party rentals, give us a call at (317) 857-0168.